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Remodel or Build New

The decision to remodel your existing home or build new is a difficult one for builders and homeowners alike. 

The decision to remodel your existing home or build new is a difficult one for builders and homeowners alike.  There are pros and cons to both, and a good builder can assist a family so they are equipped to make the best educated decision possible.  Building a new home has less unforeseen price increases compared to renovating an older home, which can hold a lot of surprises.  Inversely, remodeling an older home will not impact your property tax budget like a new home.

Depending on the project, remodeling is typically more expensive than building new.  So, why would anyone ever remodel?  Location and the level of love you have for your home are large factors when deciding to remodel.  We are noticing a growing dislike for development living and the lack of privacy that comes with being sandwiched into a small area.  If your piece of dirt is at least semi-private, you might have something that is worth remodeling.

A builder or home inspector should be your first call before moving forward on any remodeling project to verify that the structure of the house is sound and found to be worth the investment.  The age of a home is irrelevant when stability is evaluated, and the quality or incompetence of the original builder is written throughout the residence.  We have found new homes that are concerning and older dwellings that will last another 100 years.  The house will have signs that a builder or home inspector will notice while evaluating your home.

Unlike remodeling where you are somewhat restricted by the home’s footprint, when starting from scratch the customizable options are limitless.  If new construction is what you decide, it is important to contact a few reputable builders to start the interview process.  Although price is an important factor when selecting a contractor, it is also important to select someone that fits your personality, communicates well, and understands what you want in a home.  A good builder will listen to those wants and needs and design a home that is tailored to fit your family.

Find a builder that respects and appreciates the small job before investing in a large job.  Your builder or contractor can help in deciding if you should build new, remodel your existing home, or purchase a fixer-upper.  It is also important to start that relationship with a selected builder before you get to that point where you make a large investment.  This gives you the ability to inspect the communication, business structure, quality of work, and customer relations.


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